What We Can Do For You

We make things.

I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. We love to design. We love to create. We love to do this at home for ourselves and at work for our varied and interesting clients. There are so many fun things to make – design is always at the top of our list, but I must be honest in that food isn’t far behind! Sometimes to get the creative neurons firing, we like to make other things too – like little felt critters, mosaic coasters, paintings, 3D models, and a million other random things. We never know where our inspiration will come from next!

We solve problems.

At the risk of sounding prideful, I should let you know that we’re really good at problem solving. Whether someone brings a project that needs to be fixed, or just an idea with no way to bring it to a finished product, we jump at the chance to design for you! Of course, it helps that we have a printing and sign division at our beck and call to make your projects a reality.

We are story-tellers.

Some people think inside the box. Some people think outside the box. To us, there is no box (unless we want to make a fort, and then it exists). We can give your project life – we can give it feeling. We can keep your audience’s attention with the design we create for you.

We are fast, and I mean really fast!

Our clients come to us with many different types of projects (and sometimes very short deadlines) but that doesn’t deter us. We are never bored! Some think that we have figured out a way to bend time and space to get the work done as fast as we do, but that is just the stuff of legend. We have our feet planted firmly in the real world, even if our heads do hang out in the clouds at times.