A Little Bit of History

I could tell you our official story, which is that we are a company that is committed to becoming your premier choice for all design related interests. Effective, attractive design is what we excel at, and all of it at speeds you wouldn’t believe possible. Our clients have been trusting us for over 40 years, and our parent company for over 54 years. Combined with our sister company, Print Plus, we can take a project from conception to finished product with none of the traditional hassle associated with out-sourcing to multiple locations.

Or, if that’s a little too stiff (even though it is completely accurate), I could tell you the other story. It goes like this:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a man who sold books and office supplies. He heard tell of a beautiful land across the sea called Canada, and thought to himself, “Self, that sounds like a great place to relocate my family and start a new life.”

He asked his youngest – a lad who was then but 2 years old – what he thought, and the little boy advised that his dad go ahead and follow his dream. (This part has been told by the little boy for many years, but we have been unable to substantiate the claim. Reader, please be advised that there is no existing proof to back up this part of the story.)


This man, along with his wife and 14 children started this new adventure on a boat across the vast Atlantic, eventually reaching their new home in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Here, he set up his business again. Some of his children helped in this, and over the years, some of his grandchildren did as well. The company grew in its little town with its loyal townsfolk, eventually getting in on some wonderful new technology – photo copiers.

And this is where a little office supply shop grew into a little print shop, which eventually needed a full time designer to help the loyal townsfolk to create beautiful things to print. I could add in a few rainbows, unicorns, and exquisitely coloured butterflies to embellish the story, but I think you can handle the reality without those just fine.

Over the years, the print shop grew and grew. The design team of 1 became a design team of 2, and so on. We now have 3 full time graphic designers, 2 part time programmers, and a part time illustrator / animator / photographer that can lend their creative expertise to your projects. We have a lot of fun in our creative process and can’t wait to share that with you!